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"ERROR: firefox.exe could not be found"

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"ERROR: firefox.exe could not be found"

Hi all,
I have been using Firefox Portable for years, but I haven't had this happen before, and I couldn't find any solutions. I usually download each and every update using the normal Firefox update process. I did the same thing this time, closed the browser, and tried to open it again using the FirefoxPortable.exe, but I am getting this error:

Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition, cannot be started. You may wish to reinstall to fix this issue. ERROR: firefox.exe could not be found

I do see the file exists in \FirefoxPortable\App\Firefox64\, and it does not appear to have any weird permissions or anything (I am running Windows 10).

My question is: where is it trying to find firefox.exe? Other than re-installing, is there anything else I can try to resolve the issue?


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Install Over

The easiest thing to check is to install Firefox Portable right over itself. This is how you do upgrades anyway and how the platform upgrades your app. I'd wager FirefoxPortable\App\Firefox's Firefox.exe might be missing or have permissions issues as the launcher checks for that first.

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