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Miranda: Problems with version 0.6.8

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Miranda: Problems with version 0.6.8

At first, the portable launcher wouldn't load Miranda. I ran the program by running just the miranda32.exe from the App\miranda directory. I tried to connect to a Jabber server, and then it closed completely. Now, Miranda will open from the launcher from the menu, but closes after I log on to a Jabber server.

Any ideas/suggestions?

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it could be thats a problem

it could be thats a problem in miranda, not in the lauchner.

first, use the dbtool.exe with the option "aggressively find corruption" to check, if there are errors in your database.

if it won't work, try to use a clean version of miranda 0.6.8 from
(zip file for xp or 9x, depending on your OS)

then you see, if it's a problem/bug in miranda or in miranda portable

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ver 0.6.8? i went back to 0.5.1

I've spent about two days fiddling about with Miranda. I tried the later version and had nothing but trouble.

I tried the version as i wanted to try MirOUT and thought it wouldn't run on 0.5.1. But it does ... and as for 0.6.8 - i'll forget it. I looked on the miranda forum and noticed quite a few problems too.

Baschti - you could well be right. I did try a clean version but ... i just want to use the thing and don't have time to extensively debug. After all it only came out in Sep 06. I could only get the older smileyadd to work aswell. I wanted to try the other type but they didn't seem to work. I liked the GANT ones. As for the history pluggins - i spent a while trying to get these to work too without success.

It seems to me that Miranda needs quite a bit of trial and error. But it does load fast and MirOUT is it's jewel compared with others. Gaim will produce something similar i'm sure and their product will be tops.

Perhaps shortly - 'bye to Skype and all the hype'. Doesn't seem any point using skype for messaging which is what most folk seem to do. A few i gather use the excellent video function, but many it would seem like me aren't interested in their resource hungry slow product.

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