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PotPlayer and High-Contrast-Mode

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PotPlayer and High-Contrast-Mode


Since I work due to my eye disabilities in high-contrast-mode (black windows, yellow font, white borders), I'm always curious for apps to fulfill the requirements for high-contrast-mode, or not.

I installed today, February 19th, 2018, and tried Pot Player on Windows 7 and first I was glad to have "dark" theme, but then I opened the about dialog, the settings, etc. and was totally unable to use them, because of yellow text (default system color) on white or light background!

I uploaded the screenshots I made to imgur:
1. Main Window:
2. About:
3. System Information:
4. Settings:

And here a screenshot of my explorer in high-contrast-mode:

Please, it should be really easy to prevent setting a window background color for the window and all contained controls!

Thanks in advance!

Best regards


John T. Haller
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You will need to contact the publisher of the app. We don't make the app we just make it portable. The colors of the background in those screens is likely hard coded to white at the moment, so the yellow of the Windows high contrast theme with a black background will render them unreadable.

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