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[Bug] GnuCash report data directory being saved locally

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[Bug] GnuCash report data directory being saved locally

GnuCash portable 2.6.19, is saving some data on the local computer in the operating system determined user directory, no matter what I do. It is expected that data will be saved in '[GnuCashPortable]\Data', but instead data is being saved in 'C:\Users\[User]\.gnucash'.

This breaks portability, because this is where Customized Reports are saved. (I'm sure that other things are saved here as well.)

Note: I had a local copy of GnuCash installed before installing the portable version. However, I uninstalled the local version before installing the portable one. Instructions to reproduce the bug are below.

To reproduce this bug:
-Install GnuCash portable.
-Open or create a new data file.
-Go to the reports menu, and display any report. (IE, a net worth barchart report)
-Click "options" for the report, and make changes to the report settings.
-Save the report configuration with a custom name.
-Go to the Report menu>Saved report configurations, and you should see your custom report.
-Move the GnuCash portable directory to another computer.
-Your saved report configuration will no longer exist.