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Problems downloading Q-Dir

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Problems downloading Q-Dir

When I try to download Q-Dir, I get the following message (which I have never seen before):
The link you clicked was blocked. This is most likely due to a site linking directly to a downloadable file. If that is the case, you can likely find the file you are looking for here:

Browse the Portable App Directory for the app you want, or
Get everything in the Platform
Technical Tip: If you reached this page while clicking on a download link while browsing our website, your browser could be sending an invalid HTTP_REFERER. Please set your browser to either use standard referrers or, if you are more privacy conscious, disable referrers entirely.
I get the same message with Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge (also, same problem on two different computers). The app also fails to install when using Get Apps from the PortableApps menu. I am using Windows 10.

Got any idea what is wrong.

John T. Haller
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It should be working now. I had an error in my redirect script.

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