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Selective Mail Downloading

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Selective Mail Downloading

Thanks for the absolutely fabulous apps: Portable Firefox and Portable Thunderbird. After a prolonged search, I can't find the solution to this problem. I have a 256 MB flash drive that is too small to download the very large volume of stored mail on my SMTP server. I would like to selectively download recent mail, say for the last 10 days. I can't figure how to do this in Thunderbird and can't find an extension that will allow me to designate that this is all I want. Thanks again for your help.

Rob Loach
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Try the "Download Headers Only" and "Leave Messages on Server" options.

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galan55 (not verified)
Download Headers Only

This worked. Thanks for the suggestion. However, I still think that being able to specify a date range would make a nice extension. Thanks again for your help.

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