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A vote for add other apps method

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A vote for add other apps method


I am new to your PAM and like it's look and feel over all the others. Have read all the posts in this forum so:

Please may I cast my vote for you to include a method for adding other portable apps to your menu which allows us who already have our own directory structure on our USB drives to retain it.

I have been using portable 'drives' since the USB port was invented and have many console and windows applications on them in /Progs/ConApps and /Progs/WinApps. For my most-used apps I have a folder of batch files to start them. I would love to replace these with entries in your menu without having to move their folders out of my structure just for them to be 'found' by PAM.

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You are used to batch files I see. I would get a free Delphi compiler (there are 2 very good ones) take the portable apps source (which is very simple to read and recompile) and change the requirement of PortableApps to your old folder. (Just changing a single string in a program, no killer)

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