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Balabolka security threat

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Balabolka security threat

Hi Everyone,

I tried installing Balabolka (Text to Speech tool) yesterday and Symantec end point protection gave this alert and quarantined the file:

BalabolkaPortable_2.11.0.647.paf.exe Trojan.Gen.2 Quarantined Virus Auto-Protect scan Infected Quarantine 2/26/2018 15:24

And today I tried again after I found a new version and this time it gave a new alert:

BalabolkaPortable_2.11.0.648.paf.exe WS.Malware.2 Cleaned by deletion Virus Auto-Protect scan Deleted Deleted 2/27/2018 12:54

Any clues what is happening here?


John T. Haller
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False Positive

As always, it's a false positive. You can verify it with VirusTotal as detailed on the Support page. Here's the current scan:

You'll have to wait until Symantec fixes the bug in their definitions.

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