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Apps no more useable - admin PW needed.....

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Apps no more useable - admin PW needed.....

After some updates 2 or 3 weeks ago I was asked to enter admin Login data. So I cannot run any portable apps as I did before.
Older apps are usable, but the newest updated apps are no more usable.
But I need especially Free Commander and AntiTwin really often.
For what shall I use portable apps, when they're not working??

John T. Haller
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Nothing in any of those apps requires admin. The platform and the PA.c installers do nothing with permissions. So, it's likely something with your drive permissions.

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Gord Caswell
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Are you using the Platform's beta release, or the stable release?
There was a slightly different issue fixed in Beta 3 where all apps launched from the platform required admin.

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