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Red Notebook displays only squares

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Red Notebook displays only squares

Hello everyone,

I have been using Red Notebook for many years and I enjoy the program very much. However, since a couple of months I wasnt able to use it at all. All text is now displayed as squares and I dont know why. I tried reinstalling RN but that didnt help.

My background information:

I am running RN from a USB-Stick using Portable RN (
The version I am running is 2.3.
I use Windows 7 with all updated patches.
Other portable apps work just fine.
I dont have that problem with any other program.

Does anyone have an idea what the problem could be? When I click on search items, I can find my entries, so the data seems to be there, but instead of the text... squares only.

I already asked the same question over at the Red Notebooks forum and they asked me to try the non-portable Version of the software. That one works fine, but I would love to get the portable version to work as well. Any ideas?

Thank you for your attention and your dedication to this nice program!

John T. Haller
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Full Path?

What's the full path to your RedNotebookPortable install? I tested it out on a clean updated Windows 7 VM and it ran without issue. RedNotebook has some odd internal font handling and if it can't find the font the UI is set to, it will show up as squares.

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