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App Date Update

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App Date Update

At least to me, it would be great to have apps last update date here:

I hope you can help me

Thank you

Gord Caswell
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What would the purpose be of having that information on the main app directory page?
The information you're asking for is available on each app's page, and in my opinion, including it on the main page would only clutter up the page.

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Even I would love to have the

Even I would love to have the feature, maybe consider doing a poll?

Ronny Sharma
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John T. Haller
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Not Possible At Present

It's not possible at present without me manually updating that static page after each app is updated, which I won't be doing due to time constraints. As about 75% of our downloads are via the platform, most folks have access to the platform's ability to list apps but either release date or recently updated like this:

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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