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Intellect Modeling Kit ≠AI Intellect-based apps development suite

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Intellect Modeling Kit ≠AI Intellect-based apps development suite

Program: Intellect Modeling Kit v2017b

License: Open Source LGPL v3

Description: Intellect Modeling Kit is an alternative to traditional Artificial Intelligence, intended to build apps assisting human intellect on the steps of its activity:
* Observation
* Producing propositions based on knowledge
* Elimination of impossible propositions
* Selection and verification of the most appropriate propositions
* Memorizing - converting data to information and new knowledge item creation
* Abstraction finding – building artificial objects representing group of real objects, featuring typical signs of group


Other: Any human knowledge written and spoken can be uploaded to IMK in a straight way by any expert not familiar with software coding. The IMK components are designed to create ready-to-use software application using simple text files provided by people. The activity of IMK could be verified by human expert on every stage. IMK assists intellectual activity, but does not replace us.

Installation is by copying, registry is not used, open source development tools are included in IMK to be available in no delay.