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Some Way To Uninstall PA Plugins?

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Some Way To Uninstall PA Plugins?

Is there some way to uninstall unwanted Portable Apps plugins, like the GNUPG plugin (v2.26?) in the most recent update?

I can look through the entire PA menu system and not find a single reference to PA plugins. That's where I would normally look to find some PA apps that I want to remove.

I looked through the PA folder structure on my SSD and did not see any obvious indications of te PA GNUPG plugin being installed anywhere. I did not do any "file by file" searching; Windows isn't exactly friendly like Unix or Linux when that needs to be done.

I looked over the "sticky" on the PA Menu Bug & Feature Tracker using the Ctrl-F ("Find") feature in Firefox and searching for the word "plug" or "plugin". Nope, nothing found.

So, where does PA install it's GNUPG plugin, just in case I want to "nuke it" from my system? Why can't we uninstall it if we want?

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Good question

I never thought of unsinstalling a plugin for the past years, but come to think about it, it would make sense to have an option for that. I don't know, if it can be done easily because of the way the plugin-installer-routine works.

GPG is located in the Common Files folder. AFAIR removing the GPG folder should work. If you want to get rid of the enigmail add on, just remove it from the thunderbird add on settings.

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