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Run Portable, Want To Quantum Desktop

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Run Portable, Want To Quantum Desktop

I have been using Portable on a USB drive for some 6 months now, have configured it to my preferences. Thought this was the best way to get to know the new FF.

I will continue to use Portable when I travel on all my laptops, but want to add a permanent desktop version from Mozilla.

I have Waterfox (current) as my default, also have FF ESR (current) on my desktop, as well as Basilisk (Pale Moon derived, current). These were stop gaps while I played with Quantum.

Now, I want to use Portable to configure Quantum on my desktop.

I made some about: config changes around Tab Management, changes needed to play audio when I run Portable in Sandboxie, have the extensions I want, and etc.

What is the best way to install and configure desktop Quantum using Portable's preferences?

If I have to manually configure the desktop version from scratch, where do I see all of the about:config changes I made to Portable?

I really like Portable...A Lot!!

Thanks, in advance.

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Reverse of this

We provide instructions for copying local to portable here:

To do the reverse, copy the same things in the other direction. After installing Firefox 59.0.3 locally, run it once to generate your default profile. Then back it up and copy in your Firefox Portable 59.0.3 profile.

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