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Any Linux users here?

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Any Linux users here?

I want to put my passwords ( using Lastpass) on an USB Stick.

I use Linux (Ubuntu 17.10) and an Android mobile phone

I have a 32GB swivel stick with USB one side and USB C for the phone.

I have looked at Firefox and Chrome but there only seems to be Windows .exe files which won't run on Linux.

Am I missing something here as I have searched your website for a Linux version.

I'd appreciate any help here.


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Clarification Please?

I'm confused about what exactly you're after, Lastpass, Firefox, or Chrome for Linux? Installation help???

Firefox should be the default browser in Ubuntu 17.10... Chrome will require you to download the .deb file from and run a command or 2 to unpack and install Chrome... you might also need a tool that unpacks deb(s), not sure -- check the Ubuntu docs on installing applications in Ubuntu from deb(s) versus the software center or apt-get. I'm a little more familiar with Mint.

Here's a good place to start ->

Here's some help with Lastpass and Firefox in Ubuntu ->

I'm not sure how much talk about Linux apps goes on here, I would guess it's mostly Windows... I might be mistaken???


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Firefox and Chrome most

Firefox and Chrome most definitely run on Linux. I am posting this on a Linux system named Porteus using Firefox. As for saving passwords KeePassX runs on Linux also.

PortableApps apps are all Windows apps and as such there are few Linux users here. If you need a PortableApp app on your Linux system you will need to run Wine on it.


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