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PA Platform v15 Has An Interesting Feature

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PA Platform v15 Has An Interesting Feature

Why does Portable Apps Platform V15 insist on loading the Windows (Windows 7 Pro x64 in my case) "Pen and Touch Input Component" when no such physical support exists on my laptop?

How do I know? I can see it "plain as daylight" in Windows Task Manager: "wisptis.exe 2520K" (was 2502K and as high as 2536K).

I would think the programmers of the really slick Platform can enhance the "options" feature with a way to disable loading that "Pen & Touch" aspect of the platform, you know, like a checkbox or something.

Not having the ability to tell Platform "do not load it" leads to delays in starting up Platform on an older slower machine like mine. I use Portable Apps because I have an older slower Windows machine and PA Apps seem to perform better than "native apps" on my machine.

How do I know there is a delay? I click on the Desktop icon for Portable Apps Platform while watching Windows Task Manager. During the Platform startup process I can see "wisptis.exe" get loaded, then "dumped", and then loaded again. I finally see Platform appear on the Desktop after all of that messing about for features (Pen and Touch) I do not have.

Interesting side effect of using Windows Task Manager to kill off "wisptis.exe" at some point before you shutdown the PA Platform program you get an error box that says:

"Exception EGestureException in module PortableAppsPlatform.exe at 0024EEEA. Unable to enable or disable IRealTimeStylus: The RPC server is unavailable."

This behavior by Portable Apps Platform simply adds more "cruft" that I want to keep off my system.

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Requested Feature, Working On, Snark

The ability to swipe to scroll the app list in the Platform has been a requested feature from touch users for some time now. Now that we finally were able to finish upgrading to the current Delphi compiler, I implemented it using the standard methods recommended by the compiler-maker. The feature was introduced in the beta channel 3 months ago for testing.

I'm already looking for a way to do this at runtime to work around the exception issue for users who have manually disabled Windows tablet services like this:

Please keep the snark down. It's honestly disheartening to devs like me.

Sometimes, the impossible can become possible, if you're awesome!

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