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Passwort Protect or in a crypted Folder

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Passwort Protect or in a crypted Folder

we use Portable a long Time now and never had Problems but now we need Help for a big Problem. we work in Invoice software at home from our Clients and used Portable for FTP and Mails and so on. Now one Worker lost the Stick at Customer and so by a customer who know use Portable APPs

All Icons was hidden but customer knows how to made seen that. He tried and used the Programms.

So now we need more safety if happend second time. Is it possible START Portable Apps with a Passwort ?
or possible install in a crypted folder like ScanDisk EncryptStick ?

THX every for help, we search a lot but not found really a solution.


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I think what I do may work.

I think what I do may work.

What I use for security is I created a veracrypt file that gets mounted as a drive and this is kept on a USB stick.

To be able to mount it at any computer I copy veracrypt portable to the USB drive with it. The only caveat, because I'm paranoid about people's good intent, is that I use 7zip to password encrypt the veracrypt portable files with zip crypto.

So I have two files on the USB drive. My encrypted portable apps volume and portable veracrypt as a "zip crypto" file. I have to extract veracrypt to the USB drive first and then mount the portable apps volume with it.

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all sw solution

are bound to fail. Either driver installation on the host machine is needed or other software to be installed etc.

The only answer is encryption in hardware. I use it for many years now and it is standard in our work.

(or why to look for complex solution when the simple is a mouse click away)

Otto Sykora
Basel, Switzerland

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