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[Closed] GIMP won't save or open/import after 2.10 update

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[Closed] GIMP won't save or open/import after 2.10 update

[Duplicate of Gimp 2.10 unable to save, export, or import - mod JTH]


This is my first time posting in this forum.
I have a huge issue after the 2.10 update. Now, GIMP will not save ANY files, and will only open XCF files.

Reproducing the issue:

- Open GIMP.
- Create a new document
- Try to save it.
When clicking the Save button, it turns grey, but nothing happens. The button will then not be pushed.

- Open GIMP
- Go til FIle - Open
- Select a file other than *.xcf
Open button turns grey as with saving, and nothing happens.

My suspicion is that the dialog boxes aren't opening properly, because normally when saving or importing, you're asked to define quiality etc etc.

Hope anyone knows a solution for this, my new GIMP is useless as of now...

Best regards,

EDIT: The current version I'm running is 2.10.0-2

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How I solve it

I have that problems for several days, nothing happened when I tried to export or save my works. How I solve it? When you press save or export and nothing happens wait till the button turn grey then press any letter at your keyboard to respond, this solved my problem haha

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