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[Bug] FreeCommander Portable 2018 Build 770

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[Bug] FreeCommander Portable 2018 Build 770

win 7 pro x86 c drive fresh install

has a problem with the .exe package.

after much trial, error

error window = no language file found
settings = saveing of; view, toolbar, favorites are all eratic

so i thought the lady or gent who did this excellent work writing this program is probably still doing excellent work.

so..., try another source...
i went to Portable Freeware Collection... and downloaded FreeCommanderPortable_2018_Build_770

from... FreeCommander XE - The Portable Freeware Collection --

all works well.

i have relied and am a massive fan of
i barely ever post anywhere but is an invaluable resource to me i wanted to be an asset to it's wonderful work.

if i've chosen the wrong forum, let me know how to chose correctly and where i should repost.

if there is anyway i can be an asset i'd be glad to do it.


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Install Path?

I installed FreeCommander XE Portable 2018 Build 770 to the Desktop directory of my Windows 7 x86 virtual machine and it started without issue. I changed the language to French and it correctly switched. What's the full install path to the app? Are you starting it with the FreeCommanderPortable.exe launcher? Have you made any changes to the app or directory structure? Could you please try installing directly to your Desktop directory to see if it runs from there?

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