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Just a thanks

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Just a thanks

I have used portable apps for years but just recently decided to go hard core portable. I don't think there is anything I have left that I need to have installed onto a computer anymore.

I love that disconnect from physical hardware. I now keep my application files and working set of documents on an encrypted volume (Veracrypt file) that fits onto a decent sized USB drive. I have everything from a Netflow collector to full blown MySQL (not including xampp) running off of this volume. It's taken months to find the programs I needed and a way to make them portable but I have succeeded. Now everything easily backed up to multiple locations to protect against disaster and it's secure. Couldn't be happier.

What goes with this Veracrypt file (copied to where the apps volume is) is a zip crypto'd "veracrypt portable". This with the intention of protecting it from modification by a virus or by somebody will unsavory intent. I unzip it every time I need to mount the volume. I know zip crypto is not that secure but it'll keep most troubles at arm's length while providing a form of encryption that usually doesn't require a client.

The "veracrypt portable" encryption won't stop somebody from modifying the file. But since it will jack it up I'll know somebody or some application messed with it.

That feeling of freedom. Nothing better. Thank you, thank you, and once more thank you.