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Help,Replace "Explore" with "Total Commander"

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Help,Replace "Explore" with "Total Commander"

I want replace "Explore" with "Total Commander".
TotalCommander at \PortableApps\TotalCMD\TOTALCMD.exe
Somebody can help me?

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Which "Explore"?

Which "Explore"?
In windows context menu?
There's TC Shell.
But it's not portable - you'll have to install and uninstall it manually.

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I think

he wants to open the folders in the menu (music, video, documents, pictures) with total commander instead of the normal vanilla-xp explorer.
(I know the term "vanilla-xp" is not necessary here but I wanted to use it...)
@ BlueFang:
Thats not possible yet. Maybe in the future...

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I think this is what you

I think this is what you want. This also includes the changes I made here:

This was a quick, untested change, so please tell me if it doesn't work.

Remember to put it in the \PortableApps\Portable Apps Menu\ folder and not the root drive.

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