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Cleaning of duplicated emails.

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Cleaning of duplicated emails.

Dear Sir or Madam:
Recently, I've found out every email file is duplicated, i.e., there're two copies of the same email I sent or received. This symptom happened in the past only when I was restoring the corrupt email files. This time,I've never attempted to recover any files from the back-up.
This problem creates a nuisance of 1) doubling the file size, and 2) taking forever to get rid of the extra files.
Could you look into this problem?
Could you also implement a SW for scanning the entire files and automatically removing any extra files?

John T. Haller
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Nothing We Do

There's nothing we do at all specifically related to email handling in our portable launcher. We just make sure Thunderbird knows where the mailstores are. I'd wager this is connected to the Gmail IMAP issue you're talking about in another thread.

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