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Vs 15.02 Update as well as program updates

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Vs 15.02 Update as well as program updates

I have not used portable apps for many months. Today I upgraded the platform as well as 26 programs. All of this worked on my Win 10 machine the last time I utilized it. Now, each and every program fails to start and produces the following error message:

This application was unable to start correctly (0Xc000007b) Click OK to close the application.

The name off each individual program that I am trying to start is also at the top of the dialog.

The problem is so universal that I suspect that some basic configuration file got scrambled. Unfortunately, I know nothing about the workings of the platform. I would be very happy if someone would just point me to the likely problem location and suggest a correction approach.

Oh, there is another factor at play here: I used a utility to add Total Commander 9.12 to my "stick". The author supplied file, TCUSB.exe, when used according to directions, would transform a working, registered copy of the file into a portable app, place it on the stick, and, if portable apps was present on the stick, add the program to the menu and do whatever else portable apps needs done. The program runs from the stick, but no menu entry or other noticeable adjustments were made to portable apps. That may be what broke the bank. I still need to know where to find the break, though.

Thank you.

Ron Pelton

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Windows Issue

Sometimes, it's a disk error, in which case scanning for and fixing errors may solve it. Other times, it's an issue with Windows itself. It's nothing to do with the apps.

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