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McAffee Stinger, Unable to Download

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McAffee Stinger, Unable to Download

Have been trying all day to update to the latest version of Stinger (, released on 6-13-18, and the download keeps failing. Tried to update using the updater in the PortableApps Platform, and via manual download of the installer. Both indicate that they fail to download.

Platform Updater states, "Download Error: File Not Found (404) on file..."
Standalone updater: "The installer was unable to download Stinger. ... (ERROR: SendRequest Error)

John T. Haller
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Version Typo Fixed

Seems I mistyped the entry in the updater database. It's been fixed. My apologies for the inconvenience and mixup.

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The Tritos
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Same error, new version

Hi John, I don't know if it's needed to open a new topic.
The same error occurred today(20-aug-2018) when updating automatically, but manually it's OK.
Message was:
Download Error: File Not Found (404) on file


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