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Memory consumption test for portable browsers

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Memory consumption test for portable browsers

Hi, people!
For those of you who is interested, as me, in the question - how many memory eats this or that browser, I made a simple non-scientific test of all available for today portable browsers from this portable platform:
Falcon port.3.0.1
Chrome port.67.0.3396.87
Iron port.66.0.345.0
K-Meleon port.75.1
Maxthon port.
Firefox port.60.0.2
Opera port.53.0.2907.99
SeaMonkey port.2.49.3
(port. just means portable version)
Excluding "Lynx" (text-based browser) and QupZilla (mentioned as Discontinued)

Method of the test was very simple - just opening 10 pages of sites which I visit most often: 3 news aggregators; 2 online-banks; online mail server; aliexpress+cashbak site; online translator and site of local utility services provider.
The reason of a test was to choose appropriate browser for a comp with only 2Gb RAM (another one, not this testing machine).
Here is self-explaining png of this test:

The leader in lowest memory consumption is SeaMonkey, but it have problems with opening some pages. I measured 300s for it because it can't open from a first try 2 sites from my list, I closed those pages and reloaded them. And from second try SeaMomonkey during about 2 minutes opened the site of my local utility services provider. But anyway at last it opened.
So the leader is SeaMonkey but you should be patient when use it and you have to use meditative techniques for peace of mind.
Being a fan of "Opera" for a dozen of years, for today it's difficult to find a reasons to use it any more. This post I write from the "Iron" browser, which showed fine balance among speed and memory consumption.
I wish to repeat this test monthly and puplish result here.

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Thanks a lot, that's very

Thanks a lot, that's very interesting !

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Great job, LiquidMK. Please

Great job, LiquidMK. Please test browsers with Youtube open in one tab.

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