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Can I have MANY profiles - but JUST one 'data' folder?

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Can I have MANY profiles - but JUST one 'data' folder?

I want to have different profiles and have cookies and other data stored independent (and not mixing or exposing to other profiles.)

EASY: just have different copies of the Firefox Portable.
This is OK... but each folder is 300MB.
I have 10 users. Each user needs to have 4 or 5 profiles.
So that could be 300MB x 50 = loads of space needed.

Whereas... I think it would be nice to have JUST the one folder with Firefox Portable + specific folders where I keep data for each profile.

How do I do this?


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Possible, but a lot of work with that many profiles

You can simply use the 2nd profile option described here. Just rename the folder and the PA.c-Menu entry before installing it again and so on. It's some work to do that for 50 profiles but it keeps the space requirements down a bit (about 33MB after a fresh install per profile).

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Multiple Profiles

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