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help with installation

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sherianderson derson
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help with installation

A moment back when you updated your mobile application, you will
Just click update and they are downloaded and installed, now
You click on the update and they are downloaded and then you have to
manually click on any program to install, my last update has 78
The new program and I have to click on every program at least twice,
How can I change this to do it automatically so when I get back
It is all done, I do not have to do a website pile of clicks
to install

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This should not happen, when

This should not happen, when you have the menu (PortableAppsPlatform.exe) still running. Could you please check that you did not close the menu or somehow kill the PortableAppsPlatform.exe?
Additional infos help to nail that down, if it is a bug, like windows version, install path etc.
As this issue has been brought up more often the last time, maybe something has changed.
I don't experience that error on my machine and did not ever on any of the computers I administer.

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