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How To Uninstall Portable Apps?

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How To Uninstall Portable Apps?


Can any of you please help me successfully uninstall the Portable Apps Application that I have installed on a Partition of my Laptop in error?

I do 100% fully intend to use some of the Portable Apps but only from a USB or SD that I Plug into my Laptop.

Unfortunately, the Portable Apps Application is not shown within my Windows Programs Installed list so I can uninstall it via the Windows Add, Remove Programs applet.

At this time, I can only find how to uninstall or remove Apps within the Portable Apps Application, not the Portable Apps Application itself.

I will look forward to your feedback.

Kind Regards,

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John T. Haller
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Delete It

Like any other portable app, you can just delete it. Go to the folder where you 'installed' the platform which contains Start.exe. In there, delete Start.exe and autorun.inf if it exists. Then you can delete the PortableApps directory, which will delete any and all apps and app data that is contained within. There is also a Documents directory which you may or may not want to delete. If you installed the platform to your external drive and didn't store anything within it, you can safely delete it. If you installed to your USERPROFILE, you'd be deleting your actual Documents folder for your Windows account and should not delete it.

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Job Done...


Thank you for your advice.

As far as I am aware it is all gone from the Partition Drive where I installed it.

Next Time it will be on a USB or SD Card.



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