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Hosts File

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Hosts File

Does FirefoxPortable use the hosts file located on the PC, like any other browser, or is there one located within the application folder?

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I don't believe browsers

I don't believe browsers actually use the hosts file, its windows that uses the hosts file and responds to a request for the information.
But to answer your question, Firefox would "use" the same hosts file as any other browser.

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Any app that calls upon the dns service on the local machine uses the HOSTS file. I modify mine all the time to block popups and ads and such. The only times in which a HOSTS file does not work is when there is no DNS calls. This is basically when the page or app calls on a specified hard coded IP address like instead of http :// www. wtf .com.

A good site that I have found that updates the HOSTS file is It is constantly updated and I check it once or twice a week for updates. It has a nice batch file that you can place in your portable apps that will update and download the most recent hosts file from there so you can place it on all your machines. I am sure that a slight mod can be done in which it does in fact download the current one and then run another bat file to replace the hosts file. This could be done to remove any traces of your modification.

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