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Please remove or change CAPTCHA

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Please remove or change CAPTCHA

Please, remove or change this awful CAPTCHA. When I want to post or edit some comment I need to click more than 20+ time on some stupid street signs, cars and etc. In most cases 'Verify' does't work and tell me to click new images. In most cases when every image is correctly selected the 'Next' button appear instead of 'Verify'. This is very very annoying and after that I must take some pills to get relax.

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Google's reCaptcha is the most broadly used CAPTCHA and, for the majority of users, involves only checking a box. If you're in a bad IP neighborhood or using a VPN, though, you'll have to verify just about every time. If you're blocking specific Google script servers, it is more likely to happen as well. Without a CAPTCHA, this site would drown in spam.

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Pretty sure it's faulty VPN,

Pretty sure it's faulty VPN, I had the same exact problem when I was using some generic VPN from the store. I had to complete CAPTCHA up to 6-7 times and it drove me crazy. I recommend you to look at several good options here. I have no problems with CAPTCHA since I started using one of the tops.

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