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U3 Support for Firefox and Thunderbird

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U3 Support for Firefox and Thunderbird

I know you stated something abotu re-evaluating U3 Support for the products due to low demand, so I just wanted to give a positiv feedback,and hope to get FF 2.0 for U3 due to ending support of patches for the 1.05 tree.

I really like having FF and Thunderbird on my U3 stick and Im using it every day and it works very nice for me- but now im worried about having to use an out of date version of FF1 because there is not FF 2 U3 version and the only one who tried to support that did not get a licence to do so Sad

so i just wanna vote for the U3 support for both FF and thunderbird to be re-ntegrated.

thx a lot and keep up the good work!

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I would also like to add my voice to that - I use my U3 firefox & thunderbird continuously - so the update to version 2 would be a big help



Dan Smith
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Firefox 2 for U3 & Thunderbird 2

I would also like to say it would be two big thumbs up to get these updated for U3.

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If I remember correctly,

you can just replace the current FFU3 executables with the ones and it should work. I just can't find the forum topic mentioning it...

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might work .. but thats not

might work .. but thats not failsafe .. e.g. in case FF/TB 2.0 uses any new files ... not only in version but maybe later ... which would not be installed ...

and adding support for U3 to the 2.0 tree would also make more people use FF/TB on their U3 sticks ...

just tried ... replacing the firefox.exe + dlls ... didnt worked to well ...

and anything more complex things are not workable for any average user ....

so a U3i File to install/Upgrade from 1.5->2.0 would really be nice ...

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Yes, I've replaced the

Yes, I've replaced the entire firefox directory under "exec" and it works fine. I've got Roboform 6.91 integrated with FF in this manner.

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first off........

save everything you want out of the firefox app. contacts,saved passwords, ect. then uninstall firefox, go to and download the latest firefox for u3 and install everything you took out of the other fire fox. thunder bird's the same. \(00)/


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Another vote of support...

I would love for FFU3 to be Vista compatible. I've come to rely on my U3 drive for quite a bit, and for the handful of Vista systems I support, it would be a huge plus to be able to have Vista compatibility.

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Get Firefox Portable

Get Firefox Portable
Then use Shortcut Creator 4U3 to add a shortcut to the U3 menu.

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