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First, it is great to fscPortable (Fast Stone Capture) added to the suite.
Just one question, why is the Video Capture (Screen Cast) is missing from this edition?

Thank You.

Gord Caswell
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Version difference

The version available here is version 5.3, whereas screen recording was not added until version 6.3

[EDIT] The reason for this version being released rather than the currently-released version, is that everything after 5.3 was released as 30-day limited Shareware rather than Freeware.

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Thank You.

I see.

Thank you for clarifying this.

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Thanks for the portable

Thanks for the portable installation. Has more tools than Snipping Tool and loads a lot faster than SnagIt. This is great. I'll definitely add to my flash drive of portable apps. The auto save feature with auto name works great. The scrolling down and capturing doesn't work well for me in latest Chrome... but you're going to have those artifacts with older versions of software. Great effort and thanks for your contribution!

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[Bug] fscPortable miscategorized

When installing fscPorable from the Platform Launcher, "FastStone Capture via fscPortable" is listed under the "Games" category instead of in the "Graphics and Pictures" category.

This may be due to a typo in the Platform App Database: the entry for fscPortable uses the ampersand symbol "&" instead of "and" as other graphics apps do ("Category=Graphics & Pictures" instead of "Category=Graphics and Pictures").

A bug report was filed last week in the Platform forum:

The Portable App Directory lists "FastStone Capture via fscPortable" at the end of the "Games" category, out of alphabetical order and in the wrong category, instead of in the correct "Graphics and Pictures" category.

# __Steps to reproduce:__

1. Open Platform
2. Click `Apps` > `Get More Apps...` > `By Category`
3. Find `FastStone Capture via fscPortable` listed at the bottom of the `Games` category

# __Possible cause:__

The [Platform App Database]( (`update.ini`) lists the category for 'fscPortable' as "Graphics & Pictures" instead of "Graphics and Pictures", which is how other apps in that category are listed.

The use of an ampersand symbol "&" instead of "and" may be causing this bug.

See examples:
Name=FastStone Capture via fscPortable
Description=Screen capture utility
Category=Graphics & Pictures
SubCategory=Screen Capture
Name=FastStone Image Viewer Portable
Description=Photo viewer & organizer
Category=Graphics and Pictures
SubCategory=Image Viewers
(Minor bug in forum posts: ampersand symbol "&" is being converted to HTML entity "&" inside code blocks using Markdown formatting.)

# __System details:__

* __OS:__ Windows 10 Pro (Version 1803) 64-bit
* __Install path:__ D:\apps\PortableApps\\PortableAppsPlatform.exe
* __New or upgrade:__ new

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