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CleanTemp problem

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CleanTemp problem

I have CleanTemp=true for an app I made and cleans up well until I click a link from withing the app that takes me to a web page, the link forces the portable to close then the folder in temp stays behind. If I launch a second time it cleans up the temp folder. The force close cleans up well except temp any fix to clean temp without having to launch twice? I could just avoid clicking any links but would like to know if their is a solution.

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Launching Other Apps

When you launch another app, it inherits the environment variables of the app that launched it. As such, it's usually best to avoid launching one app from another. For something like this, it's best to do it with portable browsers. With a local browser, it could mess things up a bit. In the future, most apps will be inheriting a special TEMP directory from the PA.c Platform that they all share.

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