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A Portable Program Proposal : SoftMaker Free Office 2018

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A Portable Program Proposal : SoftMaker Free Office 2018

   Hello! I want to propose to the PortableApps team the SoftMaker Free Office 2018. It is easy to use and much more perfomant than the programs of LibreOffice and OpenOffice. Here I am sending you the portable version that the program installed on the computer has to extract in a portable version. The link I created is the following: [link to illegally packaged app removed by mod JTH] and for more information on this product go to

John T. Haller
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Publisher Permission

As with nearly all freeware, explicit publisher permission is required to repackage and redistribute the app in portable format. We'd love to do SoftMaker Free Office, but without permission from the publisher, it can't be done.

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SoftMaker Free Office 2018

About reply of John T. Haller.
I ask if it's possible to create an online installer and if this require a permission from publisher.

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