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Hey, I know very little about programming and editing open source programs to make them portable, but I would love to learn!
Are there any websites or books or any other type of media that exists in this day and age that can help me learn how to program?
(I would like to know something before next semmester at school b/c i am taking a intro to programming class and if it is ANYTHING like the PC repair 1 class at my school, I need to know something before the class starts)
BTW: I do not understand how way to use the compresser that uses so help with that would be nice, too!

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A good way

A good way is to look at the code of small programs. For example, you can look at the code of the launchers. Since the code is in NSIS, go to their wiki page and search what each command does. That's how I knew how to do a few things.
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Even better

Get HM NIS Edit and you can just click on the command and press F1 and it will jump in the manual to that command.
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