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[Bug] Chinese IME leads to wrong action

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[Bug] Chinese IME leads to wrong action

Type Pinyin in search box and click Enter leads to opening the first program multiple times.

  • OS version: Windows 10 Pro 1807 Build 17134.228 64-bit,
  • Install path: C:\Programs\PortableApps (I do not think this bug is path-related),
  • new vs upgrade: upgraded, I started using portableapps before 2010
  • platform version: 15.0.2

How to reproduce:

  1. Add Microsoft Pinyin as your input method
  2. Use Win+Space to switch to Microsoft Pinyin before you typing in portableapps platform search box
  3. Use Shift key to switch between English mode and Chinese mode, make sure you use Chinese mode (will display along with the M mark in task bar)
  4. type scp , you would see IME would show the candidates, it might be show s'c'p in candidate window. But the list under the search box is not updated. (seems portableapps platform does not know we are inputting)
  5. Press Enter, platform would open the first program in the list (this is the not-updated list) 3 times. (since scp contains 3 chars, if I changed to type "hahaha", it would open 6 times)

What we expected in these steps:

  1. Only programs contains scp word would appear, in my installed apps, only WinSCP
  2. Press Enter to make these chars scp in the box
  3. Press another Enter would open WinSCP for just only once.

Possible solution:

  • make the search textbox English only, or, disable IME . This should be quite easy to do, but may leads to unable search non-alphabet searching.
  • Handle how the textbox respond "Enter" key. You might have to check the IME status before launching any applications.
  • Do not think the first program is selected by default when search box didn't have any chars in it.

Some ideas about IME and typing:

For Chinese IME, many of us use "Space" key to select the first candidate Chinese char. And if you type Pinyin and pressed "Enter" key, the inputted chars would be considered as normal English chars.

For Japanese IME, if you click "ohayo" 5 keys, it would show "おはよ" (3 Japanese chars) as first candidate. Press "Space" key would loop over the candidate list, and "Enter" key is to type selected candidate to textbox. We also encounter the above bug, it would launch the first program 3 times.