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Opening .WK4 files in OOoCalc

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Opening .WK4 files in OOoCalc

I did a search in the forums using 'wk4' as the search term with 0 results, so here's the question:

I recently obtained for work some small (under 200kb) .WK4 files (from an old Lotus 1-2-3-based application) and tried to open them in a copy of OOo Portable. When using the 'Open' dialog, I get a Writer window with garbage. When using drag-n-drop, the error message is 'unknown Lotus-1-2-3 file format'. So, I dug up a machine with MS Excel on it and excel read the files without problem. Any suggestions about what is happening? I guess I could use Excel to convert the files to Excel format and use the converted copy, but that seems dumb (trying to get away from MS by using MS).

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The format is probably just not supported in OO.o. That's the problem with closed file formats. Eventually, you wind up with nothing that can read them anymore. I'd say use whatever you can find to convert them from wk4 to something more modern and be done with it.

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Have you tried File -

Have you tried File - Wizards - Document Converter?

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I still have a version of

I still have a version of lotus and can convert them to excel for you. I liked lotus and still reckon WordPro was years ahead of Word. No WP can produce tables like WordPro. I've only just gone over fully to OO writer - very reluctantly!

I have a spare OEM version of lotus if you wanted to pay the postage.


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