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OpenJDK Portable 8 Update 172 Build 11 Test

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OpenJDK Portable 8 Update 172 Build 11 Test

I've packaged a build of OpenJDK Portable for testing. It's packaged as a final build (no Dev Test moniker) as it's the standard stable build from AdoptOpenJDK and should be compatible with whatever jPortable is. I'm releasing this now so we can start testing off of it in prep for the end of life of Java 8 in January and the transition to Java 11 which will be basically unusable license-wise outside of development or enterprise use. The goal will be to transition apps to OpenJDK from Java. I'll likely still distribute jPortable as well, but we'll see what the demand is.

OpenJDK is currently only available as a 64-bit build, so this may require expanding 64-bit app support for some apps to make use of it (LibreOffice, for instance). Please note that this is not the place for expanded discussion of those requests for the niche set of users that tend to derail other discussions.

Download OpenJDK Portable 64-bit 8 Update 172 Build 11
Download 34MB / Installed 136MB
MD5: b1550140811de58a2fa7410a19159e3e