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LMMS Portable 1.20 Dev Test 7 (1.20 RC7)

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LMMS Portable 1.20 Dev Test 7 (1.20 RC7)

Please rebuild LMMSPortable though it is test build.

Hello everyone , my name is noeroti , Japanese PortableApps User.

I made a LMMSPortable 1.20 RC7 from old LMMSPortable by myself.
I supported 64bit Edition of LMMS and built and test whether it works.

You can download LMMS Portable from my GoogleDrive.

Installer Edition

Built Edition

But , I am user position of PortableApps. So , I think it is better that the people who know about PortableApps well build it again.
LMMS(&Portable) had stopped developping from 2015 , so now portable edition (1.13) is too old , and it is better 1.20 RC7 than 1.13.
Also , I do not know when LMMS 1.20 is released. Although thesedays , LMMS was restarted to develop 1.20 of stable.

What I want to say is that Now we should build LMMSPortable again though it is test build.
Please rebuild LMMSPortable.
noeroti is a Japanese portable apps user. I can not use English very much. Sorry for unnatural English.