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Auto backup of bookmarks is killing my Portable Firefox

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Auto backup of bookmarks is killing my Portable Firefox

Is there any way to disable the automatic bookmark backup feature that keeps on adding backed up bookmark files into the "bookmarksbackup" folder? My bookmark is pretty big and this keeps on aggravating my profile. The situation is even worse in my portable version of firefox, where it tries to backup the bookmark at the beginning and save it as a bookmark.bak file while exiting and in the process takes on ages, not to mention the reduction in life of my flash drive. I need to disable this auto-backup feature, desperately. Please help.

John T. Haller
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New Feature

It's a new feature of Firefox 1.5. I don't know if there's a way to disable it, though.

The best option is to trim down your bookmarks.html. Chances are, a lot of em aren't being used. (I need to do this myself, actually)

One way to keep the size of the bookmarks.html down is to disable the site icons (favicons) in Firefox:

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Mozillaphile (not verified)
A hack that partially works

Deleting the bookmarksbackup folder altogether and replacing with an empty FILE of same name (w/o any extensions) i.e. bookmarksbackup actually prevents the folder from being created. But this is only a hack and it only reduces one backup file (the one that used to be placed inside the bookmarksbackup folder). As firefox is closed, it still creates the backup file in the following sequence: When closing, Firefox still creates a temporary file called bookmarks-?.html (where the ? mark represent 1 or any other number), deletes the previous (if any) bookmarks.bak file and renames this newly created bookmarks-?.html file to bookmarks.bak. Previously there used to be two copies of the backed up bookmark, now there is one. But I want none to save my USB flash drive. Looks like the issue is getting some attention :

Hope it will be fixed in the next version of firefox, although the last time the bug report page was updated was back in November 2005!

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