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Starting an application that previously wasn't shut down correctly

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Starting an application that previously wasn't shut down correctly

Every portable app I have has had this feature/issue that has been bothering me for a while. I've seen this behavior on MPC-HC and FoxitReader, to name a few, and since the same message appeared on multiple apps, I'm assuming this is a part of the core framework.

Try opening an app and then crashing it.

Now try opening it again. The app will tell you it didn't shut down correctly and needs to clean up. That's perfectly fine. So you click ok. And that's it, the app cleans up and closes.

But why though? Why can't it clean up and then start again? The fact that it crashed does not change my mind about opening it, I want to use it now as much as I did before I knew about the needed cleanup.

Can't the framework be programmed so it restarts the program after it cleans up or at least gives the user two buttons to decide what to do?

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Explained in detail

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