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Very slow platform startup?

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Very slow platform startup?

I've just upgraded my laptop to a new i7 device running an SSD (up from i3 on regular harddrive) however {prtableapps platform test AGES (like 1 min!) to startup first time every day. On the old machine it would take about 20 secs - but on the new machine it is easily 3x slower

The progress bar is initially quite quick, and it then just stops for almost a minute, then just starts up without the progress bar completing.
What's going on and how can I fix it?

John T. Haller
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It's likely you're using a different antivirus on the new machine.

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Nope - not using AV at all

Nope - not using AV at all (beyond the default Windows Defender which is also on my old laptop)
Any way to configure it to NOT do whatever it is doing on startup?

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I dont know if you already

I dont know if you already resolved this, but I had a similar issue.

The solution that worked for me :
(I am making the assumption the portableapps folder is on an sdcard / flashdrive, if not then this solution probably will not do much good...)
In the portable apps folder, move the folder "" (the main folder) to somewhere on your primary HD (I put mine right on the C:/ drive root directory). Make a DIRECTORY JUNCTION from this new location to the portable apps folder.
Example--> [C:/ D:/PortableApps/]
This made my boot time go from about 2-3 minutes (many times just crashing alltogether), to a few seconds.
Hope that helps!

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