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Firefox Portable Nightly (64.0 Alpha 1) installer silently fails

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Firefox Portable Nightly (64.0 Alpha 1) installer silently fails

Steps to reproduce:

  • Run Firefox Nightly installation
    (either from PA updater or installer from site will do)
  • wait until it successfully finish
  • try running the app


  • Error message "Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition cannot be started. You may wish to re-install to fix this issue. (ERROR: firefox.exe could not be found)"


  • Firefox Nightly portable starts


  • Rename "App/core" folder to "App/Firefox" manually


  • Windows 10 (1803) x64
John T. Haller
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New Version

When this happens, it means a new version has been released or they changed the live download URLs again. Just let us know in the outdated apps thread.

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