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Updating the Platform made a mess

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Updating the Platform made a mess

I have resisted updating the platform software for a long time. I was satisfied with the way the old platform (for reference, the date on the StartPortableApps.exe file is Nov. 2006, and it may actually be older than that) handled entries - fixed order and a single window, and not all that eager to move to the newer formats, esp. in the early versions. I have done fresh installs on other systems and finally decided to take advantage of the ease of application updates in the newer platform. I did a search on the site to see how to update the platform and essentially found: download it, be sure it's not running, and install.

I did that. I installed to my D: drive, a hard drive on a Win 7 Pro desktop machine. It suggested putting the platform in d:\PortableApps, I believe, and since that's where I've had it, I installed there.

I ended up with Start.exe in the D:\ root. Note the change in the file name. When run, the platform menu only knew about Google Chrome, not the many other programs I have in PortableApps. Updating App Icons did nothing. I renamed to old StartPortableApps.exe, which was still there, to StartPortableApps.exe.old and move Start.exe to the D:\PortableApps directory. Starting it from there allowed the menus to populate.
I have since discovered that the installation renamed my D: drive to PortableApps. That was unexpected, unannounced, undesired, and apparently difficult to change. I have tried to rename the drive to its previous name, but keep getting a pop-up saying that it requires admin privileges "click here to continue". Clicking does not accomplish anything. That may be a Windows issue, I admit. I am currently trying to give myself more rights on the machine so I can rename the volume.

This was very unexpected behavior from PortableApps and not what I have come to expect from it. Any comments, guidance, or improvements to the system to prevent this sort of mess would be appreciated.