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Platform Destroyed after broken Update Session

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Platform Destroyed after broken Update Session

Did an update of the platform recently, but either the internet connection or something with the PC went wrong during the update process. Now the PortableApps menu is gone, there's only a small window with some unreadable lines left when I click on the icon. The apps themselves still work properly, but how do I get the menu and the update function back? Install portableapps in its old folder again - but will it recognise the list of apps then? Any help appreciated. Best regards, Joe Theo

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Had the same issue on 3 pc's

Had the same issue on 3 pc's unfortunately....

What I did was:
1. Rename the original portableapps folder to portableapps.old
2. Downloaded the v16 installer and installed as a Full version.
3. Moved all my installed apps over to the new install.
4. Restarted the portable app launcher. Succes! Wink

Looking at the previous portable apps folder structure, and a fresh install, they are different.
Also there seems to be some shuffling of data, and the location for the installed apps looks to have moved to the root of the portable apps folder install.
It might be the thing that causes so many people problems.

On my end a clean install solved my problems, but you have to set your preferences again if you do reinstall like this.


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