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TeamViewer leaves behind locked rolloutfile.tv13

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TeamViewer leaves behind locked rolloutfile.tv13

Whenever I run TeamViewer Portable it leaves behind TeamViewerPortable/App/teamviewer/rolloutfile.tv13.

This would not matter if I had not installed PortableApps into my Dropbox folder. Because the file gets placed there, Dropbox tries to sync it. Unfortunately the file is not readable or writeable by me. This causes Dropbox to waste time syncing forever. The only solution is to delete the file after every use.

It seems that this file is not used for save any information between runs of TeamViewer. Would it be possible to have TeamViewer delete this file when it is done? Does it even use it?

BTW: I am running TeamViewer 14, but the file still has a "tv13" name.

Anyone know if this can be eliminated somehow?


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TeamViewer leaves behind locked rolloutfile.tv13

I deleted this file from the \PortableApps\TeamViewerPortable\App\teamviewer folder some months ago. I have used TeamViewer every few weeks since then with no apparent negative consequences attributed to the missing file.

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Yeah, this file bugs out

Yeah, this file bugs out megasync, and other backup/sync programs: - fix posted is to blacklist the .tv13 file extension in your sync program.

Deleting it isn't an option because it gets recreated each time TeamViewer is opened.

Fix posted here uses a batch file - not sure if the portableapps team can integrate that into the portable version.

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The publisher packages their PA.c Format package and are responsible for issues like this. We're happy to assist them, of course, but we don't control this package.

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