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Can PortableApps updates ignore an app?

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Can PortableApps updates ignore an app?

Is there a way a PortableApps program can be ignored during updates so the updater will not list it as an option to update?

I know I can just rename or move the folder but that will break file associations and shortcuts.

An ignore option for each app would help work around problems like Notepad++ 7.6.0 breaking portable Notepad++'s plugins. I could just stick with 7.5.9 and set PortableApps to ignore it when doing updates. Hopefully, Notepad++ gets fixed and the updates can be turned back on.

In the meantime, I can uncheck Notepad++ 7.6.0 during updates but this has come up before for me and I end up forgetting about these exceptions. Then I scramble to find a backup with the older, fully functioning program.

No biggee if this is not doable, I was just wondering. Thanks.