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automatic proxy configuration script and McAfee Web Gateway - is downloading possible?

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automatic proxy configuration script and McAfee Web Gateway - is downloading possible?

I'm having trouble installing/updating any app,
e.g. chrome portable update(s),
I've just downloaded the latest update and
it is an online installer,
it needs to connect in order to download,
however that doesn't seem possible,

my network uses automatic proxy configuration script and McAfee Web Gateway,

so, how could I update my work chrome?

are there any offline chrome portable installers?

or is synchronizing with a usb disk the only solution?

it could be related to this:
[quote]Sorry, this was kind of a false positive.
IE is configured through an automatic configuration script. Thus proxy information is passed on correctly. Credentials are also prompted for.
The problem is that the download is then diverted to a McAfee Web Gateway which presents an auto refreshing html page while it downloads and virus checks the requested download.
After it finishes it either displays a download button or directly refreshes to the requested download depending on the content.
I understand that this is impossible to be handled automatically. So it is not a proxy but a McAfee Web Gateway incompatibility. It makes the system secure beyond the point of being usable[/quote]

I'm not prompted for credentials though,
I'm stuck in "connecting"
when running "GoogleChromePortable_xxx_online.paf.exe"

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Manually Download

You can manually download the appropriate installer from Google. If you use something like 7-Zip Portable, you can open the paf.exe installer. Open the App\AppInfo directory and open installer.ini. It has the link to download the actual Chrome installer. Once you download it, put it in the same directory as the .paf.exe installer and run it. It will automatically detect and use the local copy once it verifies its hash. It's not an easy or elegant workaround, but it will allow you to update live installer downloads at work.

Note that it is not legal to repackage Google Chrome for portable use. Any site that does so is likely including other nasty stuff.

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