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Windows portable "smartphone drivers"

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Windows portable "smartphone drivers"


1st hope this is the correct place for my question could not find one for SmartPhones.

I tried to use my older ZTE Android SmartPhone with a school Windows 7 PC. Problem is these PCs do not have the Windows driver for my phone and I do Not have Adm Rights to install the std ZTE driver but can use "portable drivers".

Searched the forum using keywords "smartphone drivers" but got nothing. Tried Advance Search using keywords "smartphone drivers" and Containing the phrase "smartphone drivers" with only App checked. Again got "Your search yielded no results".

Then Googled using keywords 'Windows portable smartphone drivers" and got No results found for "Windows portable smartphone drivers" and with No "..." got ~ 59.5 Million hits but Nothing Relevant.

Also Googled using "portable ZTE Windows drivers" Again got No results found for "portable ZTE Windows drivers" and with No "..." got ~ 3.46Million hits.

While have found portable drivers for other devices have Not found a portable Windows 7 ZTE driver.

Appreciate any suggestions!!!



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We make Windows software portable so you can use it on multiple Windows PCs. We don't do anything with phones. Drivers for anything require admin rights to install.

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