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Thunderbird Application Error (0xc0000006)

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Thunderbird Application Error (0xc0000006)

I have just bought a Sandisk Cruzer Titanium 2GB U3, and want to continue using Thunderbird Portable, which I have been using on a previous flash drive. I have Thunderbird U3 installed on the new flash drive and I have copied the contents of the 'Profile' folder to the new application. The flash drive and program work ok on my laptop at home, but when I try to launch thunderbird on my desktop in work I get the Application Error (0xc0000006). Other programs appear to work ok on the deskop machine - just Thunderbird that won't.
(I have tried uninstalling the program and re-instlling it and opening the program before copying the profile folder. I have completely formatted disk and re-installed U3 software, also restarting PC - all to no avail).
Any ideas?

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Hi, I (and a lot of people)

Hi, I (and a lot of people) got the same issue. I saw your post is quite old. Did you get any feedback, any solution?

Regards from Germany

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Like most U3 software, Thunderbird for the discontinued U3 platform has not been supported for a number of years. No further updates or support are available.

It is recommended you copy your profile into a fresh copy of Thunderbird Portable. I believe the U3 one is in something like System\FEFECB84-0E05-42d8-B044-F2D0FCFF8C15\Data or similar. You can copy the profile folder in there to ThunderbirdPortable\Data

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